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Dave McGrath's Live Show 

Dave performs in several different ensembles to provide a variety of groups for any club, special event or party. A solo performance provides an intimate experiences with Dave on acoustic guitar and vocals covering a wide range of styles from soft singer songwriter sets to upbeat pop/rock and dance songs. This works well in smaller environments where space and budget are a concern. 


The 2 piece band consists of Dave on acoustic and either a saxaphone or percussion accompaniment. This creates a very full and exciting wall of sound which when appropriate can either be delicate and low volume, or loud and exciting providing a lot of energy for people to dance and party to. 


With the extra touch of Alysia Groth on vocals and percussion, the three piece band captures even more of the aspects of Dave's sound. Three part harmonies soar over the mix of music creating a blend of vocals filled with quality and style. The extra material includes duets and female fronted songs offering an added diversity to the sound. 


When space and budget are adequate Dave can assemble a full 6 piece band consisting of drums, bass, two guitars, keyboards, and female vocals. This is a music experience that is capable of any style with power to spare. Top notch musicians and full sound and lights combine to generate a national band experience that will leave the audience in awe covering all styles of covers as well as the long list of original material Dave has composed during his long career in the music business. 


Call or Email Dave today to discover how his music can help make your event a special occasion everyone will remember for years to come.

Dave McGrath
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